Google+ Local iOS App to be retired August 7

Why are you retiring it

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What can you learn from 10 Ads Worth Spreading? Read our whitepaper

TED Blog

Each year, TED chooses 10 great ads to feature as part of our Ads Worth Spreading challenge. And this week, we’re featuring a whitepaper (PDF) that analyzes what makes some of those great ads great.

The Ads Worth Spreading whitepaper chronicles the story behind this year’s 10 winning ads from their creative directors, and offers insights and findings from TED, Google and Ace Metrix on why each proved so effective.

A recurring theme of the research boils down to the question: What does advertising do? The best advertising doesn’t wave goods in front of consumers’ faces — it reflects a brand’s values. More than ever, brands need to be brave enough to say something authentic and meaningful, or run the risk of being forgotten. TED’s Ads Worth Spreading shines a spotlight on creative advertising that uses the power of storytelling to express ideas and engage audiences in a meaningful…

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Compared to iPad, Tablet Apps Are Still Android’s Weak Point


Ever since the first Motorola Xoom rolled off the production lines two and a half years ago, Google’s struggled to convince developers that their Android apps need to look beautiful on larger tablet displays.

With the upcoming launch of Google’s second-generation Nexus 7 tablet, I was hoping the situation would have greatly improved by now. The original Nexus 7 sold fairly well, and Android tablets in general now account for more than half of all tablets shipped, if you count devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire. You’d think there would be a market for tablet-optimized Android apps, especially for the most popular apps.

But after doing some comparisons between the Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for Android, it’s clear that Android is still behind the iPad–though not as far as it used to be. Just as I did with Windows 8 a few weeks ago, I’ve…

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Here’s a “stop smoking” pep talk.

So Many Feebs.


I smoked for 23 years. Three times I tried to give it up, and three times I failed. Each time, I tried to prepare myself by reading up on what to expect at different points in the quitting process, looking to people who had quit successfully to learn effective strategies to handle the anxiety, and relying on the people closest to me to keep me in a positive frame of mind. And each time, the withdrawal slammed me to the ground and stomped me into the dirt.

Finally, a couple of years ago I figured out why I was having such a hard time quitting: encouragement.

I hate it.

All of that happy, positive, “When you quit you’ll know what bluebirds really taste like and rainbows will smell so much better!” shit does not work on me. I figured that out in March of 2011 — and I haven’t…

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Are these the hottest startups around, or the next billion-dollar exits?


LinkedIn (s lnkd) has released its second-annual ranking of the startups that Silicon Valley engineers most want to work for, and enterprise IT carried the day. Hadoop and flash storage seem especially hot, with Cloudera topping the list. However, the rankings (assuming they really do say what they purport to say) might suggest more about where seasoned engineers think they can cash in on an acquisition or IPO than they do about what technologies engineers really want to work on.

Here’s the list in its entirety, along with anecdotal evidence to support my claim:

  1. Cloudera (hired new CEO, has raised boatloads of money and talking IPO)
  2. Dropbox (has raised boatloads of money and is talking IPO)
  3. Violin Memory (has raised boatloads of money and talking IPO)
  4. Nimble Storage (has raised boatloads of money and talking IPO)
  5. Hortonworks (has raised quite a bit of money

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Robot baby learns how to express human emotions | Fox News Video

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Robotics baby


Check this out in the robotics ideas area of my Blog.

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